Whale Watching Tours

Hervey Bay Whale Watching

Hervey Bay is Australia's Whale Watch capital. Between late July and early November humpback whales can be sighted breaching and playfully chasing each other in the warm waters off-shore. The Bay's calm waters provide shelter for these magnificent creatures and their calves as they frolic in Hervey Bay on their migration to Antarctica after giving birth in the waters of northern Queensland. Visitors can choose and aerial tour or take one of the many half, three-quarter of full-day whale watch cruises, which depart from Urangan Boat Harbour daily during the season.

Hervey Bay Whale Watching Tours

Gold Coast Whale Watching

During your visit to the Gold Coast be sure not to miss out on a magical whale watching and marine wildlife experience on offer. It is estimated that around two to three thousand whales pass by our coast. They can be seen at times from the shoreline and rocky headlands along the coast.

Gold Coast Whale Watching Tours